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Difference and selection of high platform ball valve and common ball valve
Release time:2020-8-21

High platform ball valve, the so-called high platform as a ball valve manufactured with ISO5211 standard, will be a square or circular flange with ball valve casting for one-piece, and the outer edge of the flange on both ends of the platform higher than that of end face, this is not only beneficial to convenient installation of pneumatic actuator, electric actuator loading device, and greatly improve the stability of between valve and actuator, appearance is more beautiful, more delicate.

The high platform ball valve is an evolutionary product of the general support ball valve. The difference between it and the common ball valve is that it can be directly connected with the drive actuator, without the need to add the connection support, while the common ball valve can only be installed with the actuator after the support.
In addition to eliminating the need for additional bracket installation, this greatly improves the stability between the actuator and ball valve as it is mounted directly on the platform.

High platform ball valve has the advantage that it can on own platform, installed directly pneumatic or electric actuators, whereas ordinary ball valve need to install the valve connection, this may be due to the loose bracket or coupling gap is too big, lead to valve in use, and high platform ball valve will not appear this problem, the in the process of operation, performance is very stable.


Choose ball valve with ordinary ball valve on the high platform, platform of high ball valve internal structure or the principle of opening and closing, and common ball valve has been, in addition to the above advantages of v., when is the relatively high medium temperature condition, you will need to adopt bracket, is in order to protect the normal use of actuators, prevent medium heat transfer of actuator cannot be used.