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The 21st China Environmental Expo opens in Shanghai
Release time:2020-8-14

Ring on August 13, the 21st China fair in Shanghai new international expo center grand opening, the exhibition area of 150000 square meters, are collected 24 countries and regions of the world's 1851 environmental protection enterprises, all-round display in the field of municipal, industrial, rural water, solid waste, air, soil, noise pollution control technology development trend and the innovation of science and technology.

The 21st China Environmental Expo opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

With a larger scale than expected and abundant cutting-edge green technologies, THE China Environmental Expo has once again shown to the world the vigorous vitality and development potential of China's environmental protection industry and market.

Gather the industrial forces and jointly create the industrial ecosphere

As the largest environmental protection trade fair in Asia and the second largest in the world, the China Environmental Protection Expo has always been an industry event highly concerned by environmentalists, presenting a lively feast of innovation for the environmental protection industry every year.Due to the epidemic, IFAT, the world's largest environmental protection exhibition in Munich, Germany, has been cancelled or changed to online, making the 21st China Environmental Protection Fair successfully held after the epidemic has become the "first exhibition" and "the world's largest environmental protection exhibition" this year, attracting more attention from the industry.


This year's First environmental Exhibition and the world's largest Environmental exhibition.

Zhao Lijun, President of the Environmental Chamber of Commerce of The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, said that in recent years, the environmental industry pattern has been constantly broken and replaced, the market demand is also constantly improving, the project scale is becoming larger and more comprehensive, and it is more and more difficult for an enterprise to go it alone to meet the needs of the market and projects, and industrial synergy has become a new trend.

The 21st China in the ring in the expo has brought together the Chinese cars, energy saving, veolia, vere, surplus peak environment, CGNPC 24 countries and regions of the world's famous 1851 state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and private companies in the new products, new technology, new material and new strategy, through the environmental protection equipment manufacturers, design consulting service units, construction units, comprehensive environmental services, such as industrial chain, for the outbreak after the normalization of environmental protection industry builds administration of the cooperative platform between production and the whole society, make the industry peers and able to communicate between upstream and downstream, understand each other's recent situation and needs, through the blind spot breakpoints,Together with the joint efforts of the environmental protection industry, it will accelerate the recovery of the environmental protection industry and bring new vitality and impetus to the environmental protection industry in China.

The pipeline project has begun to take shape and the industrial chain layout is more complete

This year, despite the impact of the epidemic to a certain extent, the exhibition still maintained a relatively complete industrial chain, and the exhibition area of environmental monitoring and testing, air pollution control and sewage treatment remained the same or slightly increased compared with the previous year. The size of the Shanghai Pavilion with urban characteristics also exceeded expectations.At the same time, the extension of the exhibition in the subdivision also began to take shape.

This year China municipal engineering association of professional committee of the pipeline detection and repair, and ring fair cooperation for the first time in China, open urban pipe network detection and repair project, the collection includes pipelines, wuhan xinguang special vehicles, Watson PuLuoLan pipes, three on suye, schroeder, 32 pipeline and pipeline detection and repair, show the scale of nearly 5000 square meters.The annual meeting of pipeline Inspection and Repair Committee of China Association of Municipal Engineering was held at the same time, attracting nearly 500 people from municipal engineering, pipeline network construction, detection, operation and maintenance enterprises to jointly discuss how to solve urban waterlogging and explore long-term treatment of drainage pipe network.

Application scheme, new product release, scientific and technological innovation to help the green ecology

Peng Bin, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, said that at the central Economic Work Conference at the end of last year, the battle against pollution was called for. We need to keep the direction and intensity unchanged, give priority to targeted, scientific and law-based pollution control, and continue to improve the ecological and environmental quality.This major decision and deployment of the central government has provided new opportunities for ecological and environmental science and technology innovation and industrial development.

This year's innovation and Technology exhibition area of The Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences has been optimized and upgraded, showing the award-winning projects of the National Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award and the innovative technologies of the National Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Center, etc., which basically represents the development level and trend of science and technology in the field of ecological environment in China.

21 exhibitors will hold activities such as new product release, strategy release and signing ceremony on the launch platform of China Environmental Expo 2020.At the beginning of this year, Hangzhou Yinjiang Environmental Protection co., LTD, which assisted Wuhan in fighting the epidemic, participated in the construction of the hospital water treatment system YYLH series for vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Hospital sewage treatment system, landing on the first platform of this year.

In the outdoor exhibition area, dozens of vehicles with sanitation equipment from yingfeng Zhonglian, Shenzhou Automobile and other enterprises were displayed on the road show, so that the audience could intuitively feel the good performance of sanitation equipment.

China Environmental Expo is not only an exhibition to showcase innovative environmental products and leading technologies, but also a platform for the exchange of ideas and ideas among the industry elite.China environmental technology conference in the second day, 2020 points in the BBS agenda such as electricity, express industry plastic pollution treatment, membrane water treatment, ultra low emission technology, solid waste resource utilization and disposal, environmental monitoring integration hotspots such as BBS's great, as academic - product - "applied" dialectical unity of learning platform.