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Improve the level of electrification and help achieve the goal of double carbon
Release time:2021-11-26

"The level of electrification is an important symbol of the progress of modern civilization and an inevitable choice to achieve the goal of 'double carbon'." on November 19, it was said at the China electrification development high-end forum hosted by China Electricity Council and hosted by China Electricity Development Research Institute.

At the meeting, China electrification annual development report 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the report) was released. The report proposes that China's electrification process will advance steadily during the 14th Five Year Plan period, and will remain in the middle and advanced stage of electrification by 2030. The development of electrification will strongly support the realization of carbon peak. By 2060, China's electrification process will be in the late stage of electrification, and its electrification development will gradually achieve the same level and maintain a high level as that of developed countries such as Japan, the United States and France, strongly supporting the realization of carbon neutralization goal.

Improve electrification level

Recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the opinions on fully, accurately and comprehensively implementing the new development concept and doing a good job in carbon peak and carbon neutralization. The State Council issued the action plan for carbon peak before 2030, which made a comprehensive deployment for the overall realization of the "double carbon" goal of the whole society, pointing out the direction for the low-carbon transformation of energy and power and comprehensively improving the level of electrification.

With the development of the times, the connotation of electrification presents new development characteristics. Compared with traditional electrification, electrification in the new era emphasizes the transformation of power supply structure to green and low-carbon, develops and utilizes more non fossil energy, and realizes the electrification of clean energy and low-carbon power supply from the source; On the consumer side, more emphasis is placed on improving energy and power utilization efficiency and reducing power consumption intensity; At the level of sustainable development, we will put more emphasis on the universality, accessibility and urban-rural equalization of power services, highlight the decisive role of the market in the optimal allocation of resources, pay more attention to the integration of source, network, load and storage and the complementary development of multiple energy, improve the digital and intelligent level of the power system, and meet the power needs of the people for a better life.

In order to further improve China's electrification level, first, we need to adhere to the priority of saving and deeply promote the substitution of electric energy. Comprehensively improve energy-saving management capacity, strengthen power demand side management, deeply promote power substitution in industry, construction and transportation, vigorously promote rural electrification, guide users to use electricity scientifically and advocate a green and low-carbon lifestyle. Second, we should speed up the construction of a power supply pattern with new energy as the main body. Adhere to both centralized and distributed development, comprehensively promote the large-scale development and high-quality development of wind power and solar power generation, promote the construction of offshore wind power base, develop hydropower according to local conditions, actively, safely and orderly develop nuclear power, and build a diversified clean power supply system. We will coordinate the development of coal-fired power, ensure supply and peak shaving, strictly control new coal-fired power projects, accelerate the construction of flexible regulation power supply, and vigorously improve the comprehensive regulation capacity of the power system. Third, we should continue to deepen the reform of power marketization and give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation. We will further promote electricity price reform, restore the attributes of power commodities, improve the fiscal, tax, investment and financing policies for green and low-carbon development of power, and promote the coordinated development of the national carbon market and the power market. Fourth, we should improve the innovation system and mechanism and vigorously promote green and low-carbon scientific and technological innovation. We will strengthen research on cutting-edge green and low-carbon technologies, carry out demonstration applications, promote the iterative upgrading of low-carbon power generation and smart grid technologies, and help promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development

High quality development of energy promotes the process of electrification

The development of electrification is closely related to and interacts with the development factors of a country, such as resource endowment, industrial economy, energy and power structure, innovation ability and market mechanism.

The development of electrification is closely related to the process of industrialization. Each industrialization process brings great changes in the mode of production, and the development of electrification is also moving towards a higher level, which is mainly reflected in the synchronous increase of the proportion of power generation energy in primary energy consumption and that of electric energy in terminal energy consumption. The proportion of power generation energy in primary energy consumption in China has increased from 23% in 1985 to about 46% in 2020, and the proportion of electric energy in terminal energy consumption has increased from 7% in 1985 to about 27% in 2020. The changes of the two electrification characteristic indexes can reflect that the overall development level of electrification in China shows a trend of steady improvement.

Looking forward to the future, under the guidance of the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, electrification will be the main direction of medium and long-term energy development and an effective way to promote the comprehensive green transformation of economy and society. It will promote the electrification process from the power consumption side and power supply side, actively implement the integration of power source, network, load and storage and multi-energy complementarity, and continuously improve the electrification level of industry, construction and transportation sectors, We will continue to explore new technologies, new models and new business formats for smart power consumption, greatly improve energy efficiency, enable more and more people to enjoy green energy, and help China enter a new era of resource sustainable and affordable energy consumption.