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Classification and selection of sewage lift pumps?
Release time:2021-11-19

Sewage lift pump is a pump product with simple installation and convenient disassembly. It is generally suitable for all kinds of industrial plants or sewage treatment projects. No matter where it is used, the selection of sewage lift pump is a very important link. If it is wrong, it will be a waste of money.

The sewage lift pump is mainly used for sewage discharge in places without gravity drainage. First of all, we have to have drainage needs before we use it. Because the municipal sewage pipe does not sink (the municipal sewage pipe refers to the rainwater and sewage pipe under the municipal road, which is generally arranged under the non motor vehicle lane and carriageway on the northwest side of the road, and the soil covering depth is 0.6-0.7m), Therefore, all drainage points lower than the municipal sewage pipe need to use the sewage lift pump to lift the water to the height of the municipal sewage pipe in order to complete the sewage discharge process, that is to say, the sewage lift pump will be provided for the space with useful water demand in the space on the first floor and below, so as to achieve the balance between supply and demand.

For general domestic wastewater or industrial wastewater (slightly corrosive), we can choose QW mobile sewage lift pump. This kind of pump has the function of no blockage and is convenient to use. We only need to put the pump into the sewage tank to work. When choosing this sewage lift pump, we must be clear until the medium can only be sewage rather than mud, or the medium can not contain a lot of sundries, such as cloth strips, hair and waste paper. If the medium contains the above sundries, we suggest you choose the second sewage lifting pump we will introduce, that is wqk belt cutting sewage pump. The blade is equipped under the impeller of the pump, which can cut the sundries and then transport them together with the sewage. The premise is that it can only be sewage, not mud.

In detail, the sewage lift pump is the combination of the original sewage pit and pump, which should be produced according to the cleaning demand. The underground water is not available now. If we had water demand underground, the solution is to build a sewage pit first, then pump out the sewage every time the sewage pit is full, and finally transport it to the sewage treatment center, This method is not only time-consuming, but also has a certain impact on the surrounding environment. After all, the smell of the sewage pit is not small, and it has to be treated manually, so it is more cumbersome.

The above two are commonly used lift pumps. I believe many friends have used another one, that is, the automatic mixing sewage pump. Its model is jywq. This treatment pump has its own mixing plate, which can mix complex dirt together for transportation. It can only transport sewage, not mud.

However, with the development of Industrial Science and technology, the sewage lift pump integrating water storage and pump came into being. It solves people's demand for underground drainage, because it eliminates the original manual pump drainage link, which is more convenient and fast. After the sewage enters the lift pump and is stored to a certain amount, the machine will start for drainage, so that our underground sewage can converge with the sewage in the municipal pipeline, Finally arrived at the sewage treatment plant.

Secondly, with the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of quality of life is higher. Whose home doesn't want to be more beautiful and clean on the basis of meeting daily life. The sewage lifting pump can balance the function and beauty, and return us a clean environment on the premise of solving drainage, so as to make life more worry free and water safer.

For the selection of sewage treatment pump, we must not be blind. We should choose according to the actual working conditions and medium characteristics. We also need to pay attention to the corrosivity of the medium. If the corrosivity of the medium is too strong, the customer should consider the sewage lifting pump made of stainless steel. Finally, we should also consider the environment around the medium. If there are flammable and explosive materials around, we must be equipped with explosion-proof motor when selecting the water pump. Remember!

Therefore, the drainage demand makes us focus on the pump. The requirements of beauty and convenience make us narrow the scope to the sewage lifting pump. Finally, the quality control makes us pay attention to the selection of products.