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Northwest oil field special tools to solve the gas valve disassembly problem
Release time:2020-11-20


"Master Huang, your special tool for air valve is so easy to use. I am replacing a valve plate and buffer plate now. It only takes 5 minutes."
On November 12th, after replacing the valve plate and buffer plate of a gas valve of no. 4 compressor, Ma Huomin, a staff member in the first station of the oil and gas transportation and Marketing Department of the northwest oil field, said excitedly to The stationmaster Gold.

"I'm glad you're doing your work more efficiently."Gold stroked the new tool as if it were her own child.Not long ago, they struggled to replace the compressor valves and buffers.

It turned out that when replacing the compressor valve plate and buffer plate, the air valve needed to be fixed on the bench vise, and it took two people an hour to take the air valve apart.

For this reason, gold has done the math.There are 16 air valves in a compressor, and it takes 16 hours to dismantle them. There are 6 compressors and 96 air valves in the station. A compressor needs to be maintained 6 times a year, and how many times to dismantle the air valves and how much time to spend.In addition, if the air valve is disassembled for a long time, it will suffer a large area of wear and cannot be loaded into the cylinder, so the air valve will be scrapped. A set of air valve assembly will cost 6000 yuan.If the maintenance cycle of the compressor is prolonged, the compressor cannot be started in a short time in an emergency, which will cause excessive pressure in the upstream station and force the emergency vent valve to vent and relieve pressure, causing a waste of resources and affecting the downstream production and living gas.

When the reckoning was over, gold gasped. He must try to bite the hard bone.

With long-term understanding of the compressor, Gold check the specific installation location of the compressor air valve, thoroughly understand the internal and external structure of the air valve, and measure the external diameter, height, circumference and other related parameters of the air valve, according to the specification and model of the air valve, combined with the actual situation, diy design drawings.

From the scrap heap, he found the right steel plates of length, width and height to process into tool bases, used the right bolts as locating pins, and welded himself into a quick removal valve tool.

This special tool, invented without spending a penny, can significantly improve the speed when removing the air valve and replacing the valve plate and buffer plate. The time of removing the air valve and replacing the valve plate and buffer plate is shortened from 1 hour to 5 minutes. It can be completed by two people together, and can be easily completed by only one person.

After this tool "on duty", it has effectively saved the cost of air valve assembly, labor and maintenance, etc., with an annual efficiency of 519,000 yuan.