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How to identify valve identification paint?
Release time:2020-7-10

The outer surface of the valve should be painted out of the factory, the paint layer should be durable, beautiful rules, and ensure that the mark is clear.

1, valve products according to the body material to identify the paint, the color according to the table

Body material Gray cast iron, malleable cast iron Nodular cast iron Carbon steel Acid resistant steel, stainless steel Alloy steel
Identify paint color Black Silver Medium grey Sky blue Medium blue

Note: acid resistant steel and stainless steel are not allowed to be painted, and copper alloy is not allowed to be painted.

2. In order to indicate the material of sealing surface of valve products, identification and painting shall be carried out on the driving hand wheel, handle and spanner, and the color shall be specified in the table below.

Sealing material Copper alloy Babbitt alloy Acid-resistant steel stainless steel Nitriding steel Boronized steel Cemented carbide Monel Plastic Rubber Cast iron
Identify paint color Bright red Canary yellow Sky blue Sky blue Sky blue Dark yellow Purple red Medium green Black

Note :(1) the sealing surface materials of the valve seat and the opening and closing parts are different. Color according to the low hardness material.
          (2) Check valve, painted on top of the bonnet: safety valve, pressure reducing valve, trap painted on the hood or bonnet.

3. The paint color of transmission mechanism shall be as follows:
(1) Electric device: ordinary type paint medium gray, three in one (outdoor, explosion-proof, anticorrosive) paint end blue.
(2) Pneumatic, hydraulic, gear transmission and other transmission mechanism, the same product coloring.

4. The paint color can be changed according to the customer's order requirements.