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How do I identify a refurbished valve?
Release time:2020-5-8

Nowadays, the valve market is mixed with each other. Illegal vendors make profits by counterfeiting and refurbishing valves, which brings great safety risks to installation works.Therefore, it is necessary to show you how to identify refurbished valves.At present, there are several main methods of valve counterfeiting among dealers in the valve market:

1. Make valves with iron and carbon steel and repair scrap valves for secondary filling.

2. Put the registered trademark of big brand manufacturer on the valve products of local small factories to falsify.

3. Counterfeit users, dealers and agents of famous large factories to sell dog meat with lamb heads.

4. Make steel prints and type ordinary valves into D valves for profit.

Valve renovation is a great hazard, which not only disturbs the market order, but also causes great potential hazards to construction quality and great social hazards.We just don't know how it is counterfeited. We must also identify retrofitted valves. Let me show you how to identify retrofitted valves.

1. Look at the color, the color of the refurbished valve is very different from that of the genuine product. Most of these low-price materials are white in appearance, which is quite different from the greenish color of valve steel.

2. Look at the steel stamp, the genuine valve steel stamp has been embossed before the valve has been heat treated, using professional steel stamping technology, so the font is clear.Refurbished valves have an uneven and confused font.
3. Look at the oil marks. In order to achieve the purpose of rust prevention, the fake and refurbished valves will be coated with thick oil stains on the valve surface, which will reduce the gloss of the valve body itself.

4. Look at the gate, refurbished valve gates generally have ground marks and rust.

5. Remove the upper nut of the valve stem and the identification plate. Look at the material of the lock nut inside. The genuine material is brass, otherwise it is counterfeit.

Hope to provide some help to friends engaged in engineering installation and purchasing, to resist the refurbishment of counterfeit valves and to ensure the construction quality is safe and effective.