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149# Valve Chamber Super Hot Work of the Second West-East Gas Pipeline
Release time:2022-8-5

On August 2, the special hot work of No. 149 valve room of the second line of the national pipeline network from west to east was held in Changjiang Village, Chijiang Town, Dayu County. In this special-grade hot work, the reserved ports downstream of the 1401# and 1402# valves in the No. 149 valve room of the Second West-East Gas Pipeline are hot-connected with the newly added DN250 branch pipeline. After being connected, it will supply gas to five counties (cities) including Dayu, Xinfeng, Longnan, Dingnan and Quannan, which will further boost the development of green energy in the southern Jiangxi Soviet area and improve people's quality of life.

At 8:30 a.m., as the venting valve of No. 149 valve room was slowly depressurized and nitrogen injected successfully, after passing the test, the operators concentrated their efforts to cut and disassemble the four welded joints, and the prefabricated pipe section was hoisted, polished, and Group pairing, degaussing, welding. Each process is strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements of the special hot-fire plan, and the on-site construction operations and safety management are in an orderly manner. Construction, supervision, testing and other related staff strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements to ensure the safety of the whole process of super hot work.

After the renovation of No. 149 valve room is completed, the natural gas of the second line of the West-East Gas Pipeline will become the gas source with the largest benefited area and the largest population of benefited populations in Ganzhou. It is expected that after the completion of ventilation, it can transport more than 100 million cubic meters of natural gas to the people of southern Gansu every year, and directly reduce the cost of gas consumption by 230 million yuan for downstream enterprises and residents. Clean, low-carbon and environmental protection will become an important energy consumption for people in the southern Jiangsu area. Features.

It is understood that the renovation project of No. 149 valve room of the second line of the National Pipeline Network West-East Gas Pipeline is a major livelihood project organized and implemented by Dayu County. After the renovation and ventilation of No. 149 valve room, it will further reduce the cost of gas consumption in Dayu and downstream counties (cities) and improve the regional energy consumption structure, effectively relieve the pressure of urban gas supply, and allow more people in the old areas of southern Gansu to use clean, low-carbon , high-quality pipeline natural gas, it is of great significance to promote energy transformation.