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With the rise of sina tide of scientific and technological revolution, screw pump manufacturing highlights the style of enterprises
Release time:2021-10-15

In recent years, with the rapid development of scientific and technological revolution, traditional industries and traditional manufacturing methods are facing great challenges, and the development of many traditional industries is in trouble. Relying on the imitation of foreign production mode is not a long-term solution. Only by truly improving the quality of products, doing a good job in the product market and improving their own scientific and technological innovation achievements can we change the current dilemma of social development.

The screw sealing line in contact with the stator and rotor in the screw pump completely separates the income chamber from the discharge chamber, so that the screw pump has the isolation function of the valve, and can realize the multiphase mixed transportation of liquid, gas and solid, which is the performance of the product innovation and progress of the enterprise. The screw pump can realize the automatic adjustment of the quantity with the help of the governor, and the pump can be transported forward and backward.

Screw pump has the advantages of few parts, compact structure, small volume and simple maintenance. Rotor and stator are vulnerable parts of the pump, with simple structure and easy assembly and disassembly.

According to the suggestions of relevant professionals, in the process of purchasing "screw pump", the following points need to be paid attention to.

First, wear after dry running should be avoided as much as possible. If the single screw pump turns dry without flow, the rubber stator will be burned out due to high temperature caused by dry friction.

Second, the suction pipeline of screw pump must be equipped with 40-60 mesh filter, and the suction oil level shall be more than 100mm higher than the suction pipe orifice. If solid sundries are mixed into the conveying medium, the accessories of screw pump will be damaged, especially the rubber stator. Once sundries enter the pump body, the welding slag, rust and other solid impurities in the newly connected pipeline shall be treated in time to keep the discharged liquid clean and clean the filter in time.

Third, screw pumps generally have fixed steering and should not be reversed, otherwise the thrust balance device will lose its function and damage the pump.

Fourth, to prevent the oil suction temperature is too low, the viscosity is too high, or the oil suction brings in a large amount of air, and the suction filter is blocked, otherwise the suction vacuum of the screw pump will be too large, resulting in cavitation and noise.

In the future, water pump quality is still the focus that needs to be paid attention to. Seizing the market position of the manufacturing industry is an issue that new enterprises need to consider. Enterprises with a longer history should set their own example and have reasonable investment in product quality, which will help them go more stably, higher and farther in the market.