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The development of valve industry is like spring breeze, and the technical upgrading of regulating valve has reached a new level
Release time:2021-9-24

Social development is inseparable from the economic construction of basic industries. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's industrial production level has been significantly improved, and the market has formed a virtuous cycle mechanism. Especially for industrial products such as valves, the market is optimistic. The sales of products such as regulating valves have increased sharply, and the product technology has been improved more and more.

The tightness of the regulating valve directly affects the performance and service life of the product, especially for some key industrial and mining enterprises. In addition to the debate, the international community is more important to support China's development. Especially since the epidemic, considering the actual difficulties of valve manufacturers and the joint support of multiple departments, The industry association also helps valve manufacturers to resume operation as soon as possible through its backbone. Although China's industry is in an emerging stage, with the increase of production and sales of regulating valves and other products, it also reflects the rapid trend of China's industrial development. According to the statistics of the commercial department. In the past five years, the number of valve production enterprises has increased every year. From this point, it can also be seen that China's valve industry is like a spring breeze, which is not only beneficial to employment and economic development, but also plays a positive role in promoting the benign competition of the whole valve industry.

With the improvement of China's independent innovation ability, the main and core technologies of various high and middle end valves are no longer imported. Through independent innovation, not only the economic benefits of the enterprise have been increased, but also the products have gradually come into the public view. With the concept of social enterprise as the core, the technology upgrading of regulating valve has been continuously promoted.

The high quality of valve enterprises lies in good products, that is, good products are an important standard to test the quality of enterprises. It has to be said that scientific and technological innovation is no longer a new form of existence of social enterprises, but a social norm. For high-quality regulating valve enterprises, it is no longer a gimmick of the market, but a powerful means of development and transformation.

Some analysts believe that with the acceleration of infrastructure construction, the commercial value of valves is increasing. In the fierce competitive environment, it is also an important background to improve the quality of valves. It is hoped that more and more valve manufacturers can integrate resources, form an open source and sharing mechanism, and explore a bright road for China's valve production and even the whole industrial development.