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The use and characteristics of American standard electric wafer soft sealing butterfly valve
Release time:2021-7-2

The American standard electric wafer soft-sealed butterfly valve has a beautiful appearance, and its valve body, valve plate and valve shaft are designed with a concentric structure. Matching with ZMQ electric actuator, the valve plate and the valve shaft adopt a pinless connection, and the medium is completely isolated from the valve shaft and valve body. The maintenance is simple and easy. It has a two-way bubble-level seal. The exterior is treated with epoxy resin spray, which meets European environmental protection standards. . It is widely used in industrial automation systems in food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, papermaking, chemical, electric power and other industries.

Features of American standard electric butterfly valve:

Design feature: The valve body and end cover adopt dewaxing precision casting valve stem and explosion-proof design.

Small size: volume and weight are only about 50~70% of similar products.

High standard protection: IP68 high standard protection level.

Reliable performance: Enhance the service life of wearing parts such as bearings and electrical components.

Beautiful appearance: The aluminum alloy die-casting shell is smooth and smooth.

Precision and wear resistance: The worm gear output shaft is integrated with special copper alloy forging, which has high strength and good wear resistance.

The return difference is very small: the worm gear output shaft is integrated, which avoids the gap of the key connection and ensures the accuracy.

Safety guarantee: Passed withstand voltage test, F-class insulated motor, safety is guaranteed.

Simple matching: single-phase power supply is adopted, and the external circuit is simple.

Easy to use: No need for secondary maintenance, installation at any angle.

Protection device: double limit, with overheating protection speed optional: 5S, 10S, 15S, 30S, 60S integrated, the body has an intelligent control module, no need to connect other accessories.