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Sinopec experts visit newtock to investigate the localization of anti surge valve
Release time:2021-5-14

It is reported that on May 11, Han Jianyu, head of Sinopec’s anti-surge valve localization research team, led experts from Sinopec’s equipment department, Maoming branch, Guangzhou branch, SEI and Guangzhou Engineering Company to work on the localization of anti-surge valves. In-depth research on Newtok Fluid Control Co., Ltd. ("Newtok" for short). Participants in the survey also included experts from Shenyang Blower Group Co., Ltd. ("Shengu Group").


The expert team went to the Newtok production site to understand the development of anti-surge valves, and visited the product exhibition hall, production testing equipment and oxygen valve workshop.

Newtok reported to the expert group the relevant situation of anti-surge valve localization: including the development history of anti-surge valve, analysis of domestic and foreign technology status, overall plan and technical characteristics, main technological innovation and advanced nature, and similar domestic and foreign products Comparative analysis of advanced technologies, technical problems solved, application prospects and effects on social economic and technological progress, etc.

The expert team fully affirmed the safety, anti-surge capability, flow capacity, noise control, and adjustment accuracy of the anti-surge valve. At the same time, the expert team emphasized that the localization of anti-surge valves has a long way to go and is of great significance. It can not only break foreign monopolies, but also promote technological innovation, transformation and upgrading of the industry. Shengu Group and Newtok will continue to work together to tackle key problems and jointly promote the localization of anti-surge valves.