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The first new well of my country's first offshore gas storage group was drilled
Release time:2021-5-8

On May 2, the drilling of Well 1-29QKP1 in Nanpu 1-29QKP1, located on the artificial island of Nanpu 1-2 in Jidong Oilfield, was launched, announcing that the construction of the first offshore gas storage group in my country has begun the construction of new wells.


The Nanpu 1-29QKP1 well is deployed in the high part of the 109 fault block of 1-29 gas storage in the No. 1 structure of Jidongnanpu Oilfield. It is the first new well constructed in the gas storage of Jidong Oilfield. At the same time, Nanpu 1-29 gas storage The warehouse is also the first domestic offshore gas storage. As the pilot test well for the construction of Nanpu 1-29 gas storage, the well is responsible for the protection of low-pressure and easy-to-leak formations in the construction of offshore gas storage, optimization of horizontal well completion, liner suspension + tie-back cementing process optimization, Engineering test tasks such as the evaluation of gas injection and production capacity will provide a reliable basis for "fewer wells and high efficiency" database construction and feasibility study plan preparation.