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The development of intelligent casting has a new demand for casting talents
Release time:2019-11-30

According to incomplete statistics, the number of enterprises lacking smelting workers, molding workers, engineers, quality control and management personnel in China's foundry industry is about 58%, 20%, 50% and 34%.Especially in the process of transformation and upgrading of foundry industry to intelligent casting, the integration and leapfrogging of knowledge will demand the new generation of casting talents, and will also bring up the new generation of casting talents.

Facing the foundry industry on the new track, to open a new round of talent strategy interwoven with intelligence and tradition, inheritance and innovation, we must first understand what is intelligent manufacturing.

Intelligent manufacturing is a cover a broad range of words, its essence is the virtual network and real production, mutual penetration of the fusion by using expert knowledge and experience into perception, decision-making, execution and other manufacturing activities, online learning and evolution of knowledge products manufacturing capacity, make each enterprise, each unit of production and high efficiency of manufacture system together, while reducing the traditional labor demand, can significantly improve the production efficiency.

Intelligent manufacturing is not only the breakthrough and application of a single technology and equipment, but also the deep integration and integration of manufacturing technology and information technology, such as equipment intelligence, design digitalization, production automation, management modernization and marketing service grid, to create new added value.With the aid of sensors, the Internet of things, the use of big data and cloud computing, intelligent manufacture equipment and equipment, the equipment can be implemented with factories, factories, and between supply chain between upstream and downstream enterprises, between enterprises and users seamless docking, companies can more accurately predict user requirements, according to user's diversification and individualized demand for flexible production, and real-time monitoring the whole production process, to realize the low cost of customized services.In short, the deep fusion of informatization and automation, that is, the fusion of IT (information technology) and OT (operation technology).From this perspective, technologies and solutions for intelligent manufacturing systems can be built, but behind each intelligent system is a new model of talent: a talent that integrates IT and OT knowledge and technology, or at least two talents that can communicate with each other.

Intelligent casting is to put the solidified advantages of traditional casting technology, experience in casting technology and innovative software modules into the intelligent manufacturing IT system, integrate advanced equipment control, sensing, RFID and other hardware technologies into the information system, and realize big data analysis and ERP management of casting.So, intelligent casting behind the need for talent must know both IT technology, and know the casting process, equipment.

However, although under the dual pressure of environmental protection and benefit, the production mode of foundry industry is changing to full automation and intelligence, with the improvement of equipment and process, it is necessary for foundry practitioners to constantly update their knowledge and skills;, on the other hand, as a labor intensive, has a long history of industry and casting skills of heritage in different development stage has different content and significance, even if the application of intelligent systems, robot and so on, eventually they are auxiliary human to work better, rather than it is impossible to completely replace the role of "people" in the industry.

The 18th China international foundry expo, the 14th China international die casting industry expo and the 14th international non- ferrous and special foundry expo will be held at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) from May 13-16, 2020.This exhibition can be called the foundry industry development achievements of another "parade".In the early stage of the exhibition, it has received positive response and strong support from foundry manufacturers and upstream and downstream suppliers.All the exhibitors will bring the latest blockbuster products to the exhibition for the "review" of the global industry.

To the "18th China international foundry expo" to understand the talent allocation requirements of foundry enterprises in the transformation and upgrading era, knowledge and skills requirements of different levels of different positions, professional ability rating system and indicators, talent training methods and methods, etc.