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Automatic backflush drain filter
Product model: ZPG
Nominal diameter: DN100~600mm
Nominal pressure: PN0.1~ 1.6mpa
Applicable medium: water
Applicable temperature: 0~150℃
Operating temperature: normal temperature
Connection type: flange
Main material: stainless steel
Product details

Structure and use:

ZGP filter is a filter that can use low quality water for industrial cooling and can also be used for other processes requiring filtration. It has the function of flushing and removing impurities. Generally, it is installed in front of the heat exchanger and other actuators to flush and remove impurities regularly.Under normal conditions, the steering valve is open and the water is filtered through the filter barrel and discharged through the outlet.When the sewage valve is opened, the total flow of liquid through the filter increases and the flow rate increases, which impel the impurities stuck to the pipe wall of the filter, and the impurities are discharged from the outlet.When steering valve is closed, the drain valve opens, the water was forced to from import period of mesh filter canister into the filter tube of the lateral, most from exports, part from the collection period of mesh filter outside the impurities into the filter cartridge inside, the back flush filter cartridges, for reaching from filter cartridges external flushing the effect of adhesive on the mesh material, impurities are still through the outlet.

Main technical performance:

1.ZPG filter can work normally at full flow, maintain high flow, and have low pressure drop to avoid surface stains caused by low flow rate.

2.It is installed directly on the pipe network system without any supporting structure.Save space.

3.Automatic flushing sewage, do not need to install bypass, remove sewage.

specifications A L 排污口
ZPG-I-100 350 260 32
ZPG-I-125 438 326 40
ZPG-I-150 525 390 50
ZPG-I-200 700 520 65
ZPG-I-250 875 650 80
ZPG-I-300 1050 780 100
ZPG-I-350 1200 885 125
ZPG-I-400 1400 1040 150
ZPG-I-450 1550 1145 150
ZPG-I-500 1700 1250 150
ZPG-I-600 2000 1460 200

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