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Pull rod telescopic filter
Product model: ystfy
Nominal diameter: DN50 ~ 400mm
Nominal pressure: PN1.0 ~ 1.6Mpa
Applicable media: steam, air, water, oil, etc
Applicable temperature: ≤ 100 ℃
Working temperature: normal temperature
Connection type: flange
Main materials: carbon steel, stainless steel
Product details

Y-type pull rod telescopic filter (YSTF model) in addition to the use of hydraulic control valve, but also can be used separately in cold, hot circulation system, compressed gas, steam, oil and other media pipeline need to remove mechanical debris occasions.The y-type filter has the characteristics of advanced structure, low resistance and easy to discharge.When discharging, open the discharge valve and use the pressure of the pipe to discharge the dirt.Used for fire protection, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, etc.

Structure characteristics of Y - type telescopic strainer

1. Strong anti-pollution.Easy sewage discharge;Large circulation area.Small pressure loss: simple structure, small volume, light weight.

2, filter mesh material.All made of stainless steel.Strong corrosion resistance.Long service life.

3, filter density: l0-120 mesh, medium: steam, air, water, oil, or customized according to user requirements.

4. Telescopic features: stretching length, the maximum position can be moved and extended 100mm.It is convenient for installation.Improve work efficiency.

Y-type telescopic strainer main parts parts material table
Main parts parts material list Num Part name Material
1 The body carbon steel,Stainless steel
2 Filter net Stainless steel
3 Gaskets Metal graphite
4 Mesh cover Carbon steel, stainless steel

Table of technical parameters of y-type telescopic strainer
Valve type Nominal diameter L H
YSTF 50 320 155 195
YSTF 65 340 183 245
YSTF 80 380 210 295
YSTF 100 450 250 344
YSTF 125 500 305 415
YSTF 150 550 358 485
YSTF 200 650 450 602
YSTF 250 750 503 710
YSTF 300 860 578 915
YSTF 350 970 598 844
YSTF 400 1100 618 872
Note, the minimum expansion can be more than 12m/m

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