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Auto exhaust valve
Nominal pressure: PN1.0 ~ 1.6MPa
Nominal diameter: DN15 ~ 25mm
Suitable medium: water, oil and non-corrosive liquids
Temperature: 0 ~ 100 ℃
Test standard: GB / T13927, API598
Product details

ARVX micro exhaust valve under normal circumstances, the water contains about 2VOL% dissolved air, the main water delivery process, the air continuously released from the water, gathered in the pipeline at the high point, the formation of air bags (AIR POCKET) As water transfer becomes more difficult, the system's ability to deliver water can therefore be reduced by about 5-15%. The main function of this micro exhaust valve is to eliminate the 2VOL% of dissolved air and is suitable for installation in high-rise buildings and pipelines in the plant area. The small pump station is used to protect or improve the system's water delivery efficiency and save energy.

Single lever (SIMPLE LEVER TYPE) micro exhaust valve, an oval-shaped valve body, all internal components, including float, lever, bar, valve seat, etc. are 304S.S stainless steel, the internal standard exhaust aperture 1/16 ", suitable for PN16 working pressure ring Zhang.

ARVX micro exhaust valve main parts materials




Ductile iron


304 stainless steel

Pole frame

304 stainless steel

Plug the head

Synthetic rubber BUNA, VITON


304 stainless steel


304 stainless steel


Ductile iron


Galvanized steel

 ARVX micro exhaust valve main dimensions

DN 10 (3/8 ") 15 (1/2 ") 20 (3/4 ") 25 (1 ")
L1 47 47 47 47
H1 113 113 113 113
L2 102 102 102 102
H2 127 127 127 127